Sylvac India Inauguration Sylvac India Inauguration 1

On October 8, Sylvac opened the new premises of Sylvac India. Brand new 200m2 space to welcome the 7 employees of the subsidiary.

80 agents and distributors participated in the ceremony, followed by a training course on Sylvac instruments. Sylvac also had the honor of receiving two special guests, Jimmy Panthaki – Past M.D. Eagle Burgmann India Pvt. Ltd. and Anant Kelkar – Senior Business Operations of Honeywell Automation India Ltd.

We wish great success to all the Sylvac India Team in their new premises and thank them all for the organization of this beautiful event.

Vmux image1

Our multiplexer software Vmux, allowing to assign a COM port to instruments connected by wireless Bluetooth® transmission of by USB cable and to redirect their values to any Windows software (SPC or other) is constantly improving.

This user-friendly software is an excellent replacement for the still often used multiplexer boxes and is the perfect ultimate gateway tool for your data.

In addition to data export in any Excel file, the definition of sequences and the multi-gage mode, we have recently optimised the 1.43 version:

• Bluetooth® Instruments connection three times faster than before.
• Channel activation by instrument auto detection.
• Access to stored configurations (shared file on PC) in case of user change.

The mobile solution for measurement applications with P12D

D62S image1 DE 2

Our display unit D62S is now available in Advanced version. Connect our absolute digital probes P12D for high precision measurements.

D62SQuick and safe control of the measurement result thanks to the LED display for global tolerance, limits and classes tolerances, integrated battery for maximum mobility

Hi Gage ONE Smart

Our new Hi_Gage ONE Smart including important improvement and innovation is now available.

A brand new blocking system and the Bluetooth® Wireless Technology allow measuring groove widths, distances or even diameters, which is quite unique with this kind of instruments.

The Hi_Gage ONE Smart is the first wireless tracing and measuring height gage on the market!

Scan F60 computer

Our optical measuring Sylvac-SCAN F60 for static and dynamic measurements is now available in version L and LT (Large and Large with Tilt).

With the Sylvac-F60L, you can measure parts of dimensions up to 64 mm diameter und up to 500mm length in less than 5 seconds and in one click.