The metrology breakfast organized by the CEP, Sylvac & SMACA

Were you able to attend the event centered on the increasing of productivity and developing employees’ skills organized by the CEP and Sylvac?

If not, here’s a summary:

Mr. Patrick Linder, Director of the CEP (Chambre d’économie publique du Jura bernois), greeted attendees and was followed by Mr. David Méneur, co-founder of SMACA (Swiss Measurement Academy, partner of Sylvac SA), discussed enhancing performance by minimizing variability. Mr. Eric Schnyder, CEO of Sylvac SA and co-founder of SMACA, then spoke about facilitating recruitment and employability, in particular by increasing employees’ skills through continuous training.

SMACA has trained more than 600 participants since its opening, which has helped companies and their staff to improve their professional skills.

Mr. Eric Schnyder highlights the significance of trained employees within bar turning and mechanical engineering companies, emphasizing the necessity for them to uphold high precision levels, without reliance on their managers.

Mr. Frund, head of operational excellence at Bien-Air, pointed that SMACA has helped the company optimize its processes through continuous trainings which led to time saving and greater management.

Followed by the wonderful exchanges, we could not forget or miss the story of ‘Patrick’ demonstrated by Mr. Alan Käslin, product manager at Sylvac SA. Patrick is a car mechanic living in Péry, who is a fan of HC Biel and plans to move to Bulle to join his girlfriend. The timing was perfect, as a large company was setting up in the area, but he needs good proficiencies in complex processes, as well as mechanical skills. Too complicated? Better to stay loyal to HC Biel and change girlfriends? Well no, thanks to SMACA and its training courses in the field of measurement, anything is possible! Demonstration led by Mr Käslin, Product Manager at Sylvac SA, with Sylvac’s MTC solution on bar turning machines.

In the end, our friend Patrick became a mechanical workshop manager in Bulle. Whether he became a Gottéron fan, we will never know. All we do know is that Mr. David Méneur played as ‘Patrick’ and performed with Mr. Alan Käslin in front of the audience.

After this enriching and entertaining moment of this event, the participants enjoyed a tour of the Sylvac guided by industrial director Mr. Jacques Schnyder.

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