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Making measurement easier

Sylvac makes measurement easier, quicker, more accurate, thoroughly dependable and more joined up with your production process. Our solutions and equipment are designed for optimum ergonomic efficiency and simple integration into your processes and systems. They are intuitive enough to be used by anyone and provide robust, fast data acquisition. They help maximise productivity, enable easy reporting and their versatility prevents restriction and delays.

Our innovative solutions are designed with your convenience in mind, providing intuitive interfaces, swift data processing, and unparalleled ease of use. Say goodbye to cumbersome processes and welcome the efficiency of Sylvac into your workflows.

Get more from measurement

Sylvac increases the total value metrology brings to your organisation. Bringing precision, accuracy and repeatability together, helping you to reduce wastage and increase efficiencies. Helping you deliver on your promises and safeguarding your reputation. Driving process optimisation based on reliable data, enabling your organisation’s journey towards its future innovations… making you an expert in metrology.

Every measurement is an opportunity for growth and improvement. We go beyond merely gathering data; we empower you to unlock valuable insights that elevate your decision-making and fuel progress. Our cutting-edge technologies push the boundaries of what's possible in metrology, opening new avenues for exploration and development. With Sylvac, you get not just data, but a pathway to success.

Fusion of Quality and Operations

Easier, quicker, higher value measurements help bring Quality and Operations together. 100% measurement done in-line, means less post-production quality control is required. We can help you achieve “Right First Time”, aim for higher levels of sustainability, productivity and profitability.

Quality and operations are not isolated entities. We understand the importance of synergy between these vital aspects of your business. That’s why we’ve crafted solutions that seamlessly integrate quality control with your day-to-day operations. Our comprehensive suite of metrology tools enables real-time monitoring, streamlines processes, and optimizes your production workflow for unmatched efficiency and consistency.

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Sylvac is a family business, and we value relationships above all else. But we derive real value from our “Community” and it sets us apart from others. Our people, customers and suppliers are all part of that extended family. Your needs are our needs and together as a close community we help each other succeed. Together, we are driven by innovation and the desire to continually improve and evolve new metrology solutions to enable our customers to advance.

Reasons to believe

Sylvac’s extensive range of tools, instruments, machines, software and service solutions is guaranteeing the highest level of Swiss precision and dependability. Our expertise is well established as we have supplied our pioneering position sensor technology and ultra-low consumption chip to most of the key players in the metrology industry over the years and we were the first to introduce robust integrated Bluetooth connectivity in our hand tools. Our own manufacturing prioritises sustainability and we are committed to supporting education and growing the skills of the next generation of innovators in metrology.

Our sustainability chart

As a metrology company, Sylvac understands the vital role that measurement plays in the world and recognize that we cannot improve what we don’t measure. That’s why we are excited to share with you our Corporate Social Responsibility report. Through this initiative, we will track and assess our progress towards a more sustainable future by setting SMART goals and regularly measuring our performance. This data will inform our decision-making and help us take meaningful action towards achieving our sustainability goals.


Sylvac is taking initiatives in all aspects of sustainability: 




Your career at Sylvac

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Sylvac supports and encourages the professional education.

The Polymecanics Education Network is composed of 6 companies from Malleray and Bévilard :

  • Sylvac SA
  • Affolter Technologies SA
  • DC Swiss SA
  • José Gerber SA
  • MW Programmation SA
  • Schaublin Machines SA

This organisation allows to regroup the know-how of these swiss companies and provides a high quality instruction.

For more informations: www.filierepolymecanicien.ch

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