Sylvac Updates (May 2024)

We are thrilled to bring you some exciting updates from Sylvac that we believe will not only elevate customer satisfaction but also reinforce our commitment to environmental responsibility.

NEWS 1 : Introducing my.sylvac.ch:
A Hub for Convenience and Sustainability

This new platform, designed with our customers’ convenience and the environment in mind, simplifies access to Sylvac instrument documents.

Our customer can retrieve manuals, certificates of conformity, and calibration certificates by entering the EAN or serial number, or scanning the QR code, newly engraved on our instruments. Each instrument box will now include an explanatory leaflet: 

NEWS 2 : Eco-Friendly Packaging
for our 150mm CALIPER S_Cal EVO

Basic, Proximity and Smart

Introducing our brand-new eco-friendly packaging for the CALIPER S_Cal EVO! It uses cardboard boxes and bamboo fiber padding, prioritizing sustainability while ensuring excellent product protection.

We will begin rolling out this packaging for the S_Cal EVO this year, with other caliper models to follow next year.

We understand that some of your clients may still prefer our original hard plastic boxes to store their instruments on the workshop. To accommodate these preferences, the hard plastic boxes will remain available for purchase separately.

Ref: 810-6001

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