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On the Fly

Transform your data collection with unprecedented ease using Sylvac’s On the Fly function in Sylcom. This powerful solution is designed for measurements requiring a large number of instruments, eliminating the limitations of Bluetooth connections and the complexities of managing numerous cables. With On the Fly, effortlessly gather data from up to 500 instruments in seconds, without the need for physical cables or Bluetooth pairing. Experience seamless convenience and maximize efficiency with this ultimate solution for high-volume data collection.

Leveraging Advertising Mode for Simplified Data Collection

Sylvac’s On the Fly function simplifies this high-volume data collection by harnessing the power of advertising mode. Similar to when you pair Bluetooth enabled speakers or headsets with your phone and see a list of available devices, On the Fly utilizes advertising mode to display the measurements from Sylvac instruments along with additional information such as MAC addresses, battery percentages, tolerances, and instrument model names. This innovative approach enables seamless data recording without the need for pairing—just advertising. 

By capitalizing on advertising mode, Sylvac’s On the Fly function revolutionizes highvolume data collection. It streamlines the process, eliminating the challenges of managing cables or Bluetooth connections, and ensures accurate and efficient measurements. With On the Fly, you can simplify your operations, optimize productivity, and unlock new possibilities in high-volume data collection. Experience the convenience and efficiency of Sylvac’s On the Fly function and revolutionize your data collection workflow today.

Effortless Data Collection for High-Volume Applications

In certain quality control measurements, the utilization of hundreds of instruments presents a significant challenge for data collection. Traditionally, managing the intricate web of cables or establishing and managing Bluetooth connections for each instrument can overwhelm a single computer. The complexities of pairing and managing Bluetooth connections for hundreds of instruments, particularly in high-volume applications, can be time-consuming, errorprone, and burdensome for computer systems. However, Sylvac’s On the Fly function resolves this challenge by harnessing the capabilities of advertising mode.

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