Exciting News! Did you know that since last year Sylvac has been participating in the groundbreaking CHARM ECSEL Project. 🚀

The CHARM project is all about pushing the boundaries of Industrial IoT, ensuring it thrives even in the harshest industrial conditions. 🏭

In the journey towards digitalizing European manufacturing industries, we, Sylvac, are taking on a beautiful challenge known as “Real-time machining workpiece control system.” 💡 Our mission: Shape the future, where precision meets innovation, even in the toughest environments.

Imagine an IoT solution that can not only measure machining workpieces in automatic lathes in real-time, but also control production seamlessly, compensate for dimensional drift, and set up machines automatically. 🌦️⚙️

With other remarkable partners, we are working on making this vision a reality. Stay tuned for the incredible developments ahead, as we build a world where technology thrives under the most demanding circumstances. 💪🌍

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