Employee Testimonial: R&D manager in electronics, 37 years of career in retrospect

Discover the second episode of our Employee Testimonial series. Today we’re delighted to present Daniel Rawyler, our former Electronics R&D Manager who worked for 37 years at Sylvac. In this inspiring testimonial, Daniel looks back on his work at Sylvac before enjoying a well-deserved retirement.

In this video, Daniel reviews his long career at Sylvac, starting as an R&D employee just after graduating, then moving on to R&D Manager. He recalls how Sylvac pioneered low-power micron measurement and interface-free data transmission to PCs, which made paper-based note-taking a thing of the past.

“Sylvac is committed to perpetuating discoveries and improving them, particularly today with our easy-to-use data transmission software and our ultra-low-power instruments.

What has kept Daniel loyal over his 37 years at Sylvac is the fact that he can wake up in the morning without having to go to work, that he always has fun coming in and always wants to achieve something new. Because Sylvac is a family business with a pleasant atmosphere, it’s a great place to work, even after 37 years, and we’re looking forward to seeing other employees follow in our footsteps.

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