In House Testing

Experience the power of in-house testing and calibration with Sylvac’s M3 Digital Indicator Testing Stand. Elevate your metrology lab capabilities, increase independence, and achieve precise and reliable measurements

Versatile Calibration Capabilities

Our M3 Digital Indicator Testing Stand offers a comprehensive solution for efficient calibration processes. It is designed to calibrate and verify a range of instruments, including dial gauges, test indicators, comparators, and lever indicators. With this versatile tool, you can streamline your calibration procedures and ensure the accuracy of your instruments.

Precise Adjustments and Flexibility 

Choose from different measuring options based on your specific requirements. The M3 set includes a bench for vertical or horizontal use and offers two versions. One version features a capacitive touch probe and display unit for 10mm and 25mm measurements, while the other includes a precision dial gauge and integrated display for 25mm and 50mm measurements. These options allow for precise adjustments according to the ABBE principle, ensuring reliable and accurate calibration.

Real-Time Monitoring for Accurate Results

With the M3 Digital Indicator Testing Stand, you can monitor the status of your instruments in real-time during calibration. The set provides a display that shows the instrument’s performance, allowing for prompt detection of any deviations. This proactive approach ensures accurate measurements and reduces the risk of instrument failure, providing confidence in your measurement results.


Customized Certificates for Compliance

Maintaining compliance with regulations is crucial in the metrology lab. The M3 set enables you to create customized test certificates, tailored to meet regulatory requirements. These certificates serve as proof of calibration, tracking the calibration history of your instruments and providing necessary documentation for compliance purposes. By generating customized certificates, you can ensure adherence to regulations and maintain accurate record-keeping.

Increased Independence and Performance

By utilizing the M3 Digital Indicator Testing Stand, you gain independence from external calibration labs. Conducting periodic calibrations in-house saves time and reduces reliance on external services. This increased independence leads to better instrument performance and reliable measurements. With the M3, you can enhance efficiency in your metrology lab and ensure the highest level of accuracy and reliability in your measurements.

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