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Sylvac company sponsor of the SVC award

On Tuesday evening, November 15, the 10th SVC Suisse romande award ceremony took place at the SwissTech Convention Center in Lausanne. Sylvac won the award in 2016.

For this 2022 edition, Sylvac was sponsor of the event and had the honor to attend live the victory of Mecaplast SA, a company based in Botterens which is active in the field of plastic injection. Mecaplast offers engineering services, mold making, plastic injection parts manufacturing, thermoforming, component assembly and ready-to-deliver medical devices. Mecaplast SA won the award ahead of Crevoisier SA (2nd prize) and Baccinex SA (3rd prize).

Congratulations Mecaplast SA !

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Video presentation of Mecaplast

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Sylvac at FOREP 2022

Sylvac was present at FOREP 2022 to meet quality specialists in the beautiful Swiss Tech Convention Center in Lausanne.

FOREP is an event that offers participants the opportunity to learn about current topics in the field of sustainable development of companies: :

  • Discovering new approaches in the areas of quality, environment, safety and risk management, and business excellence
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • How to strengthen business performance to ensure continued competitiveness
  • How to address future challenges and ever-increasing competition

Sylvac had the opportunity to exchange experiences, establish new networks and maintain old contacts, especially in the field of sustainability, and had a good laugh at the jokes of Thomas Wiesel, a Swiss comedian present for the event.


New measuring ranges: micrometer S_Mike EVO Smart

Sylvac is pleased to announce the availability of stock of all the measuring ranges of its micrometer S_Mike EVO Smart, which complete the line of the S_Mike PRO. Available now : 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm and 75-100mm.

Features ­

  • Rotating spindle, no return effect
  • Quick displacement, with thread pitch 1 mm
  • Max. error 2-3µm
  • Large display
  • IP67 protection
  • Favorite button with selectable function
  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology, IoT ready

 Product page


Upcoming developments

Check out our EVO mounting units coming soon for large adjustable external micrometer. Available in the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Magnetic holder for Scan S25T

Sylvac is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new holding system for small, magnetizable parts: The Scan S25T optical machine magnetic holder. Composed of a SOUTH magnet and a NORTH magnetic plate, this system has been designed for the measurement of small magnetic parts that are usually difficult to hold in position without compromising the part or the measurement.


  • Non-contact holding, without deformation of the part
  • Easy and quick positioning of the part with tweezers
  • Allows measurement of static and dynamic characteristics
  • Precise measurement and repeatability - even if the part is not exactly centered, thanks to software alignment correction


  • A magnetic field straightens and holds the part vertically
  • Clever system with different interchangeable tips, with or without positioning center (vee)
  • Holds small, magnetizable parts with a diameter between 0.4mm and 3mm and a length up to 50mm
  • Available as a set with different tips or as individual pieces


  • Turning machining
  • Watchmaking
  • Medical


Video demo

Introducing Sylcom 1.5.6

teaser sylcom

The Sylvac team is pleased to announce the release of the 1.5.6 version of its Sylcom software.

Sylcom is a data processing software specially designed for the acquisition and monitoring of data in manufacturing workshops. In its 1.5.6 version, Sylcom offers the following new features :

  • Cloud storage (beta version) - Expert
  • OPC UA communication - Expert
  • Long range - Standard/Pro/Expert
  • Eco mode - Standard/Pro/Expert
  • PDF upload and cropping - Standard/Pro/Expert


Discover : Cloud function (beta*)

teaser Cloud

What is it?
Centralized storage solution for data from multiple Sylcom stations.

How does it work?
The cloud is deployed at the customer's site via a Sylvac NAS (Network Attached Storage) server, ready for use. The customer will thus benefit from an internal cloud solution on a local network.

Customer benefits:
- Real-time or delayed monitoring on a single workstation (with expert license) of all the data recorded by the different Sylcom workstations
- Remote monitoring possible using VPN
- Data security

* If you want to be a beta tester for our Cloud solution and receive a NAS, please get in touch with us by email.


Discover : OPC UA function

teaser OPCUA


What is it?
Integration of Sylcom software into the production workflow via OPC UA.

How does it work?
Sylcom now speaks in OPC UA, a machine-to-machine communication protocol allowing industrial automation between production devices (machine, robot, PLC).

Customer benefits:
- Direct connection to PLCs
- Possibility of integrating quality control into production automation
- Communication standard allowing compatibility with a range of equipment


Download Sylcom 1.5.6