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New probe P25D

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our latest instrument, the S_Probe P25D, and we are excited to share this innovation with you.

This probe with patented absolute inductive measuring system has been specifically engineered for workshop use and provides exceptional precision across its entire measuring range.

Availability : 31.08.2023


sortie digitale directe

Direct Digital Output: Simplify your data acquisition process with the P25D's direct digital output capability. By leveraging our cutting-edge Sylcom software, customers can now connect the probe directly to their computer with a M8, USB or Open connector, eliminating the need for a separate display unit. This streamlined workflow enhances efficiency and the space needed on the quality control table.


compatibilite et haute precision

Compatibility and High Precision: The P25D is designed to excel in various measuring environments. Paired with any measuring bench on the market, the probe showcases its versatility and demonstrates the superior precision it offers. Your customers can trust the P25D to deliver reliable results, regardless of the measuring system they use.


solution métrologique complète

Complete Metrology Solution: For customers seeking the ultimate metrology experience, the P25D seamlessly integrates the Sylvac D62 display unit. This powerful combination showcases the full potential of the probe and provides a comprehensive metrology solution to meet the most demanding requirements.


integration de l'automatisation

Automation Integration: The P25D is built to adapt to the evolving needs of the industry. It can be effortlessly integrated into automation systems, enhancing productivity and enabling advanced measurement processes. Your customers can take advantage of its capacity to optimize workflows and achieve higher levels of efficiency..


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Employee Testimonial : Being and R&D Manager

The true essence of any successful company lies in the talent and dedication of its people. That's why we are thrilled to kick off our new employee testimonial series, where we shine a spotlight on the incredible individuals who drive innovation and excellence within our organization.

Today, we are excited to present Houssem Ben Salem, our esteemed R&D Manager for optical machines, as he shares his personal journey and insights into the world of metrology. In his inspiring testimonial, Houssem reflects on the values that fuel his passion and the challenges he encounters as he strives for excellence.

One quote that truly resonated with us from Houssem's testimonial is, "You must listen to the market, not to your biases." It reminds us that true innovation comes from embracing new perspectives and actively engaging with customer needs.

For those considering a career in R&D, Houssem's testimonial offers valuable advice. He emphasizes that greatness is achieved by pushing beyond comfort zones and embracing the learning journey.

So, what does the future hold for non-contact measurement? Houssem offers fascinating insights into the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. His unwavering commitment to innovation paint a picture of endless potential and groundbreaking advancements in the field.

Join us in celebrating Houssem and his remarkable contribution to our company! Watch the full testimonial video and get inspired by his story of passion, dedication, and pursuit of excellence. Together, we continue to shape the future of non-contact measurement.

Customer Testimonials : Sylvac-Visio at Heraeus Medevio

We are thrilled to share our very first testimonial video featuring Heraeus Medevio, a renowned company in the medical industry, nestled in the industrial heart of Ville d'Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland. Heraeus Medevio has adopted our Sylvac-Visio machine on their production floor and in their post-processing laboratory.

In this testimonial video, you'll hear from Loic Mermet, Project Manager at Heraeus medevio, along with Daniel Cruz, a talented Micromechanic/CNC Setter, and Jessica Milheirao, a dedicated Team and Calibration Manager. These remarkable individuals will take you through their experience with the Sylvac-Visio machine and the impact it has had on their daily operations.

Precision That Matters: The medical field demands unparalleled precision, especially when it comes to inspecting components that are vital to patient well-being. Heraeus medevio, a true champion of quality, understands the significance of strict tolerances where every micron counts. With the Sylvac-Visio machine, they have the power to detect non-compliance issues and ensure the utmost safety and reliability for patients.

User-Friendly Excellence: Ease of use is a fundamental aspect of any great instrument. Heraeus medevio has been captivated by the exceptional user-friendliness of the Sylvac-Visio machine. With its intuitive features and straightforward interface, the learning curve becomes a thing of the past. Their team has been able to harness the machine's full potential quickly, streamlining their operations and achieving outstanding results.

Unparalleled Precision and Clarity: When it comes to precision measurement, the Sylvac-Visio machine truly stands out. Its remarkable repeatability and crystal-clear imaging capabilities have impressed the team at Heraeus medevio. What's more, this non-contact measurement solution ensures that no marks or damage are left on the parts being measured—a game-changer for their meticulous medical components.

We would like to extend our deepest appreciation to the entire team at Heraeus medevio for sharing their story with us. This video is a testament to the transformative impact of the Sylvac-Visio machine in the medical industry, where precision and reliability are paramount.

📽️ Are You Ready to Share Your Journey? To all our amazing users, we invite you to be a part of our success stories. If you have experience using our instruments and would like to showcase your achievements, we would be honored to feature you. We also encourage our Sylvac distributing agents to recommend clients whose stories deserve to be heard. Connect with Aurélie Lambruschini and let's inspire others with your journey.

Let’s take actions for a bright future !

As a metrology company, Sylvac understands the vital role that measurement plays in the world and recognize that we cannot improve what we don’t measure. That’s why we are excited to launch our very first CSR report. Through this initiative, we will track and assess our progress towards a more sustainable future by setting SMART goals and regularly measuring our per-formance. This data will inform our decision-making and help us take meaningful action towards achieving our sustainability goals.

Discover our complete sustainability report here.

Sylvac joins the Grand Chasseral community to promote the common values of the Bernese Jura

Sylvac is proud to announce that it is now an integral part of the Grand Chasseral, a community committed to promoting the region and its values. This membership is a proactive step by our company to demonstrate our commitment to the region and our desire to contribute positively to its economic and social development.

The Grand Chasseral is a brand that brings together regional companies and institutions that share the same values: Precision and inventiveness, harmony, sustainability, nature and environment. Companies wishing to join the brand must meet strict criteria that guarantee their commitment to the region.

At Sylvac, we are proud to share these values and to actively contribute to the sustainable development of the region. Our commitment to precision and inventiveness is reflected in the quality of our products and services, which are designed to meet the most demanding needs of our many customers in the region.

We also believe that harmony is essential to create a healthy and productive work environment, where everyone can grow and contribute positively to the company. We are also committed to ensuring the sustainability of our business by investing in innovation and providing professional development opportunities and work/life balance for our employees.

Finally, we are aware of the importance of nature and the environment for our region. At Sylvac, we have taken a proactive approach to sustainability, implementing environmentally responsible practices in all aspects of our business, from the design of our products to the construction of our buildings.

By joining the Grand Chasseral, Sylvac is committed to promoting the values of the Bernese Jura and actively contributing to the attractiveness of the region. We are convinced that this membership will reinforce our position as a responsible and committed company, while strengthening our presence in the region.

We are delighted to be part of the Grand Chasseral and to contribute to the positive image of this magnificent region.

To find out more about the Grand Chasseral initiative: https://grandchasseral.ch/