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New measuring ranges: micrometer S_Mike EVO Smart

Sylvac is pleased to announce the availability of stock of all the measuring ranges of its micrometer S_Mike EVO Smart, which complete the line of the S_Mike PRO. Available now : 0-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm and 75-100mm.

Features ­

  • Rotating spindle, no return effect
  • Quick displacement, with thread pitch 1 mm
  • Max. error 2-3µm
  • Large display
  • IP67 protection
  • Favorite button with selectable function
  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology, IoT ready

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Upcoming developments

Check out our EVO mounting units coming soon for large adjustable external micrometer. Available in the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Magnetic holder for Scan S25T

Sylvac is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new holding system for small, magnetizable parts: The Scan S25T optical machine magnetic holder. Composed of a SOUTH magnet and a NORTH magnetic plate, this system has been designed for the measurement of small magnetic parts that are usually difficult to hold in position without compromising the part or the measurement.


  • Non-contact holding, without deformation of the part
  • Easy and quick positioning of the part with tweezers
  • Allows measurement of static and dynamic characteristics
  • Precise measurement and repeatability - even if the part is not exactly centered, thanks to software alignment correction


  • A magnetic field straightens and holds the part vertically
  • Clever system with different interchangeable tips, with or without positioning center (vee)
  • Holds small, magnetizable parts with a diameter between 0.4mm and 3mm and a length up to 50mm
  • Available as a set with different tips or as individual pieces


  • Turning machining
  • Watchmaking
  • Medical


Video demo

Carbide calipers upgrade

We have upgraded our S_Cal EVO Carbide calipers which are now available with outer jaws featuring soldered carbide pads. These upgraded pads provide an increased resistance to impacts.

2PAC carbide ref

A 200mm model with a rectangular depth rod and Bluetooth® Technology also com-pletes the range, reference 810-1529.

These products are available from stock immediately.

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Latest technology for our Ultima handles

Our high-precision Ultima interior measuring handles are now equipped with our P12D probe instead of capacitive probe.

The "Ultima Individual" are delivered as standard with the M8 connector for connection to the D62S Advanced (on request: USB connector for connection to PC) and the "Ultima Kit" is delivered with a D62S Advanced display unit.

  • For "mobile" measurements in the workshop
  • D62S Advanced with battery and Bluetooth® technology
  • Save values in the D62S Advanced and export them via Bluetooth®, RS232 or USB
  • 2 Ultima handles can be connected (M8) directly to the D62S Advanced without the need for pairing

Ultima P12D extraction low

Product specifications and prices remain unchanged.

Product references change as follows :

  • Ultima Individual 960-10** (old) -> 960-12** (new)
  • Kit Ultima 961-11** (old) -> 961-13** (new)

Products available from stock
The old references 960-10** and 961-11** remain available on request.


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Superbore D62S NEW USB

S_Dial PRO Smart and NANO even more powerful

S_Dial PRO with Bluetooth® and higher performance
S_Dial NANO more powerful

And all this without any price increase!

All S_Dial PRO Basic are now Smart and come with Bluetooth® technology.

In addition, the maximum error is improved by more than 20% depending on the model.

tabl dial en

All S_Dial NANO have an improved maximum error of up to 30% and an improved repeatability of 40%.

The product references are unchanged.

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