What is a caliper?
A caliper is a precision measuring tool used in various industries to measure the dimensions of objects with remarkable accuracy. It consists of two arms or jaws, one fixed and one movable, which can be used to measure the distance between them. The key components of a caliper include:
• Fixed Jaw : The fixed jaw is the stationary part of the caliper. It serves as the reference point against which measurements are made.
• Movable Jaw : The movable jaw can be adjusted to fit the object being measured. As it moves, it provides the measurement reading.
• Scale : The scale on a caliper provides a visual representation of the measurement. It typically includes both metric and imperial units.

Types of Calipers : Calipers come in various types, each suited to different measurement needs. Some common types of calipers include:
• Vernier Calipers : Vernier calipers offer precise measurements with the help of a vernier scale. They are a staple in many workshops.
• Dial Calipers : Dial calipers provide easy-to-read measurements through a dial indicator. They are known for their reliability.
• Digital Calipers: Digital calipers have a digital display, making it simple to obtain accurate readings. They are user-friendly and efficient.
• Inside Calipers : Inside calipers are designed for measuring internal dimensions, such as the diameter of a hole.
• Outside Calipers : Outside calipers are used for measuring external dimensions, like the width of a workpiece.
• Specialized Calipers : Specialized calipers, such as depth and height gauges, cater to specific measurement requirements.

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