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Sylvac positions itself on the theme of sustainability

On Tuesday, May 10, 2022, State Councillor Philippe Leuba visited Sylvac in Yverdon-les-Bains for a press conference announcing the launch of a fund to support the sustainable economy.

Companies in the canton of Vaud can use this new fund, launched by the Service de la promotion de l'économie et de l'innovation (SPEI) in collaboration with the Bureau de la Durabilité (BuD), to benefit from the support and follow-up of a sustainability specialist. A pioneer in the field, Sylvac is one of the first two SMEs in the canton of Vaud to commit to sustainability by taking advantage of this assistance.

A sense of social responsibility, the conviction that it is now necessary to focus on sustainability to remain competitive in the market and the collaborative aspect of the approach convinced Sylvac to begin the process, which includes a complete audit, a definition of a strategy and an action plan to be put in place.

Doing great things together

For more than two decades, Sylvac has been offering large, ultra-light gauges for measuring elements up to 3 meters long. Over the years, our line of UL calipers has evolved so that the instruments available today are 4th generation. Our UL4 calipers have been completely redesigned to be more rigid and ergonomic, while still being able to be handled by one person. Our UL4 3000, for example, weighs only 3.3 kg, thanks to its special aluminium profile pole. The electronic module has also undergone a major facelift, its XXL display and the fact that it is now equipped with BlueTooth technology make it the indispensable instrument for measuring large components. Just looking at these beautiful UL4 calipers, it is easy to see why the Swiss Made label is so highly valued around the world.

In the service of miniaturization

The two headaches of bar turners and manufacturers of increasingly small and precise components are: "How can I manufacture them and then measure them? If for the manufacturing part we are going to let them rack their brains, Sylvac can certainly bring a solution to the second part of the problem!

Our PS measuring benches, which can be customized as much as you like, can be used to measure all kinds of small parts with a higher precision than what would be obtained optically.

Contrary to popular belief, contact measurement is often much more accurate when it comes to chasing micron dust! Many industries and customers faced with the problem of excessive miniaturization regularly turn to Sylvac for the miracle solution. To date, we have solved dozens of difficult cases, leaving our customers with only their manufacturing challenges. Put us to the test too!

Micrometer S_Mike EVO Smart

Sylvac is pleased to present its new micrometer, the S_Mike EVO Smart, which completes our S_Mike PRO range. Available now with a measuring range from 0 to 25mm and a maximum error of 2µm, incremental sizes up to 100mm will be available in the second quarter of 2022.


  • Rotating spindle, no return effect
  • Simple and fast
  • Max. error 2µm
  • Large display
  • IP67 protection
  • Favorite button with selectable function
  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology, IoT ready

Product details

It depends on how you look at it!

Those who have had to use a traditional protractor know how difficult and inaccurate the reading of the value can be. Sylvac provides the solution with the first digital protractor integrating Bluetooth technology. This instrument allows to measure all angles in a reliable and fast way while ensuring wireless data collection. The angle value can be displayed in different ways, 1 x 360°, 2 x 180° or 4 x 90°, in degrees minutes, in decimal degrees or in radians. Don't leave any doubt, don't let a misinterpretation have unfortunate consequences; go digital, your operator will thank you!

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