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Bluetooth® profiles

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3 connection profiles are available on the instruments symbolized by the pictogram «IoT ready»:

Simple: connection available on several computers/devices
Paired: only one locked connection on a computer / device at a time
HID (Human Interface Device): displayed measure sent as a computer keyboard


More benefits with the new instruments « IoT ready »:
• Manage the calibration date and enable a warning for overdue date of calibration.
• Monitor the battery life.
• Easily find the instrument with the blinking display function.
• Personalize the functions of your instruments: button’s functions / lock or restrict some functions.
• Save the personalized functions (preset, tolerances, measurement direction, unit, etc.) and reload them on a new instrument with a simple click via our Sylcom software.


I’ve just got a new «IoT ready» instrument. How to use it?
• I turn on my instrument by pressing any button.
• The simple mode is loaded on the instrument (by default) and the Bluetooth® Technology is automa­tically activated.
• My scanned/detected instrument can be connected to a device A (master).
• If I get out the field of the device’s Bluetooth® A, my instrument is disconnected and will be automa­tically able to connect to another device B without any specific manipulation.
• The instrument will automatically connect to the device A on the second connection on the latter.
• The Simple mode is fast and easy to use and doesn’t require any reset manipulation during connection or reconnection.


Compatibility of the instruments with new « IoT profiles » with the Sylvac products:

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* The instruments equipped with the actual Bluetooth® technology only have the Paired profile and can’t be modified.
** Update of the softwares mandatory on our website (Sylcom 1.3.1 / Vmux 1.43).

 Develop on your own

  • Register and log in Sylvac website
  • Go to Download // Software and drivers // Sylvac developer resources

Please read our leaflet « New Bluetooth® connection profiles » and « Bluetooth® technology on Sylvac instruments» for more information and watch the video.

For further informations about these products please consult our

faq Bluetooth® FAQ 


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