Digital display D400S

*Available in different measuring ranges


Multifunction digital display unit for multigauging applications.
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Swiss made


  • Multi-Brand Compatibility and Extensive Inputs: Connect up to 99 instruments of different makes through M-BUS multiplexers, enabling comprehensive multigauging capabilities with extensive input options.
  • Versatile Touch Screen Interface: Navigate effortlessly using the 7” touch screen display, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface for seamless operation.
  • Advanced Configuration and Storage: Store up to 128 different parts configurations and save up to 30,000 measurements per configuration, ensuring efficient organization and easy access to measurement data.
  • Flexible Display Options: View up to 32 channels simultaneously on the same screen or across multiple pages, allowing for convenient monitoring of multiple measurements and configurations.
  • Powerful Functions and Protocols: Benefit from SPC functions, PLC functions, formula editor, Modbus TCP Ethernet connection, and PLC communication protocols, expanding the capabilities of your multigauging system.
  • Robust Construction and Mounting Versatility: With a sturdy aluminum housing, the D400S is designed to withstand workshop environments and offers flexible table or panel mounting options, ensuring durability and adaptability.


Machine tool
Medical device


EAN 7640125680041
Overall dimensions (mm) 200x143x151.6
Weight (kg) 1.3
Case Aluminium
Protection rating according to IEC 60529 IP65 (front face)
Output data USB / RS232
Programmable by PC
EAN 7640125680041
Overall dimensions (mm) 200x143x151.6
Weight (kg) 1.3
Case Aluminium
Protection rating according to IEC 60529 IP65 (front face)
Output data USB / RS232
Programmable by PC
Unit according to technical specifications
Charging unit
Instruction manual
925-5609 RS232 1:1 ¹
804-1210 USB-USB
925-1142 Adaptator RS-USB ²
804-4000* Charging set 100-240V / 24V
904-4001 EUR cable included in 804-4000
904-4003 UK cable included in 804-4000
904-4002 USA/JPN cable included in 804-4000
804-4010* Charging set 100-240V / 24V
804-4011 EUR cable included in 804-4010
804-4013 UK cable included in 804-4010
804-4012 USA/JPN cable included in 804-4010
904-4101 External contact (footpedal)
804-2211 Cable M12 male/female length 1m
804-2104 MB-4C
804-2107/08 MB-4i & MB-8i
804-2122 MB-2S
804-2111/14 MB-1D & MB-4D
804-2130 MB-IO
804-2140 MB-PS
804-2170 MB-TP
804-2180 MB-BT
804-2190 MB-AG
804-2105 MB-4P
804-2132 MB-NET
804-2133 MB-RO
804-2202 Bracket for panel mounting
804-4103 Table knob with binder connector
804-2210 M-Bus module mounting kit
804-2203 Air preparation kit
804-2212 Air preparation kit with air saving system ³
804-2213 Additional air preparation for pneumatic probes lifting (requires 804-2203 or 804-2212)

¹ For MB-XX module and RS232 PC connections

² The D70 and D400S do not work on Vmux with this adapter

³ Concept of energy saving consisting of automatically cutting off the air supply when not measuring. A menu on the D70A and D400S unit allows to adjust the ECO mode, by defining a time delay and a wake-up threshold. The savings made with such a system can be up to 50% on the energy bill. This system requires 804-2212, 804-2133 & 804-2211.

  • Not available

Digital display D400S
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Digital display D400S

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