Wireless transmission

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Bluetooth® wireless technology data transmission.
Smart Inductive System (SIS)
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Swiss made


981-7100 981-7102
Name Bluetooth® 4.0 Dongle Bluetooth® 5 SMART Dongle
EAN 7640125697902 7640125696714
Description Short dongle Long dongle with ‘Laird Connectivity’ inscription
Coupled instruments per module 8 16
Automatic detection of instrument
Sylcom compatibility
Vmux compatibility
Instrument compatibility D300S
Recommendations – For use on Vmux
– For use with Sylcom with 8 or fewer instruments
– For use with Sylcom with more tan 8 instruments
– For BT5 functions
– For improved range
Transmission distance ¹ (m) 15 20 (80 in long range mode)

¹ depends on the environnement

S_Footswitch Smart  926-7022
EAN 7640125690835
Connection Bluetooth® wireless technology
Weight (g) 260
Software compatibility Vmux (1.37 and later) and Sylcom
Transmission distance ¹ (m) up to 15

¹ depends on the environnement

Accessories 926-7023 985-2217
Description Fixing plate Adapter for battery CR2032
Weight (g) 85 5
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Wireless transmission