Depth Gauges’ accessories

Accessories for S_Depth EVO Two fixed measuring jaws 
812-2231 PRA
812-2232 PRB
812-2233 PRC
812-2234 PRD
812-2235 PRE
812-2236 PRF
812-2237 PRA-W (titanium)


Accessories for S_Depth EVO (Two fixed measuring jaws, Shortcut measuring face, and Rotary pin) and S_Depth PRO Smart 

Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
812-2240 Additional base 320 8
812-2241 Additional base 200 8


Accessories for S_Depth PRO Smart 
805-6101 Ball probe M2.5 (standard)
805-6102 Anvils UP&DOWN
805-6103 Anvil with pin Ø4 mm


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Depth Gauges’ accessories