Sylvac's partners

In partnership with TRIMOS SA, we offer a wide range of high precision measuring instruments. Trimos is a Swiss manufacturer of precision measuring instruments and is focused on 3 segments in the dimensional metrology field:

  • Height gauges
  • Horizontal measuring instruments
  • Surface analysis instruments

Trimos distributes its products in more than 40 countries through a network of agents.

Bowers Group founded in 1915 manufacture test equipment and measuring instruments. The group includes
Baty International, Bowers Export, Bowers UK, Moore & Wright and CV Instruments.

In partnership with Sylvac, Bowers brought to market the world’s first digital 3 point internal micrometer –

Sylvac’s advanced electronics being the cornerstone of the gauge.

In 2014 Bowers Group and Sylvac SA received the Best Supplier Partnership MTA award, which recognises

effective collaboration for mutual business benefits.

Swissmem is the Swiss association of mechanical and electrical engineering industries (MEM industries).

It represent the concerns of the sector to politicians, national and international organizations, representatives of employees and the public.

Founded by Max Wyler in 1928, WYLER AG is a Swiss-made manufacturer of high-quality precision measurement tools.

Wyler AG specializes in manufacturing levels, inclinometers, sensors, and software.

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