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About us

A traditional family company

Family businesses can be distinguished from other 'private' companies by their long-term vision and prudent financial structures, which make them less likely to engage in speculative activities. Having cultivated this kind of stability for 50 years, Sylvac SA has been amply rewarded by the exceptional loyalty of its staff, who identify with these values and demonstrate a remarkable degree of commitment.

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Niche hi-tech products

Based in French-speaking Switzerland, a region described as the cradle of cutting-edge microtechnology, Sylvac SA develops, designs and manufactures digital measuring systems and instruments for industrial use. Drawing on a resourceful mix of expertise in electronics, mechanics and metrology, our high-precision products are renowned for their innovation and highly prized Swiss quality.

An exceptional global presence

Despite its modest size in global terms, Sylvac SA has become one of the world's leading companies in the field of dimensional measurement. Sylvac instruments are distributed across over 50 countries by a network of loyal representatives who offer them to their customers, among which are several prestigious brands that place their trust in us.

A solutions and service-oriented strategy

By taking an interest in the increasingly complex quality requirements faced by our customers, we are able to act as a genuine partner for whom the completion of a sale is just a starting point. Sylvac SA and its partners work upstream to provide each of our customers with the most suitable solutions while paying particular attention to service quality.

To conclude…

Tradition, receptiveness, ingenuity and boldness, as well as rigour and attentiveness, are some of the words that best define what we offer at Sylvac SA.

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