Neu SCAN S145 mit Messtaster-3D

We know that you are already familiar with and appreciate our cutting-edge scan machines. However, have you encountered the need of an additional means of measurement for holes and slots on their cylindrical parts?

We are thrilled to introduce a ground-breaking innovation for our Scan machines. Allow us to share that our Scan machines S145 can now be equipped with the Renishaw SP25M 3D probe. This new addition provides a multisensory solution, revealing characteristics that remain hidden from optics.

Key benefits

  • Complete Measurement with a Single System: No need for multiple tools; our Scan S145 with the probe covers it all.
  • Seamless Integration with Combined Sensor Measurements: Achieve comprehensive insights effortlessly.
  • User-Friendly Programming: Intuitive functions make programming a breeze.
  • Full Touch Probe Scanning Capability: Precisely measure form.
  • Interchangeable Probe Stylus: For versatile applications.
  • Automated Probe Qualification Routine: Streamlined setup for consistent accuracy.
  • Typical Measurements Include: hole and slot size, location and form, roundness, radial and axial runout

Check out our new product here.

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