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Data processing software

SYLCOM allows to connect all the Sylvac instruments either by USB cable or by Bluetooth®. This universal software can be used to display values in different modes, to upload part drawing in background, to show the tolerances status, to define measuring sequences and to export data to Excel or to third party software.

Available in LITE version of the software allowing to connect 1 instrument and 1 pedal (free), Standard version with standard functions allowing to connect up to 16 instruments or pedals, by USB cable (maximum 15) by Bluetooth® or by M-BUS modules., PRO version, allowing to connect up to 15 instruments by USB cable, up to 40 instruments by Bluetooth® and up to 128 instruments by M-BUS modules (total maximum 128 connected instruments). Several features such as control plans, monitoring, statistics and SPC export are available (60 days trial version available) and Expert version offering the same functionalities as the PRO version, but with the additional possibility of connecting up to 500 instruments via Bluetooth® with the «On the fly» mode, to communicate in the OPC-UA protocol and to automatically suggest tool corrections to some CNCs machines.