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Digital display D400S

Multi-brands and type compatible

• Digital multifunctional unit with 7’’ touch screen display
• Multi-brands compatible through M-BUS multiplexers (possibility to mix the brands)
• Designed for multigauging applications
• Up to 99 input (probes, instruments, I/O) through M-BUS multiplexers
• Automatic detection of connected instruments
• Storage of up to 128 different parts configurations
• Up to 30’000 measurements can be saved by configuration
• Display of up to 32 channels simultaneously (on the same screen) or distributed up to 32 pages
• Single or multi-gauging display mode
• SPC functions (run chart, pareto, histogram with Gauss curve, etc.)
• PLC functions and PLC communication protocols
• Formula editor, free combination between all instruments connected to the M-BUS
• Configurable by PC
• Ethernet connection with Modbus TCP
• Multifunction foot-pedal input
• User friendly interface
• Very robust construction (Aluminium)
• Table or panel mounting