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Bench table PS15

Range 10mm / Horizontal

• Small horizontal bench table designed to easily and quickly check small parts up to 10 mm.
• Measuring spindle guided by linear ball bearing.
• The measured value will be displayed either by a Sylvac digital dial gauge range 12.5mm, up to 0.1 μm resolution or by a Sylvac measuring probe P10 (P10L) linked to a digital display unit. Using a pair display unit / measuring probe an overall accuracy of 0.6 μm and a repeatability of 0.2 μm can be reached.
• This bench table can be equipped with different kind of tables as well as with several types of anvils of any shapes.
• Standard spindle Ø 1.5 mm (908.2175)
• Compatible with Sylvac Ø 1.5 mm and Cary type spindle.