Dantsin, our General Agent for China, has just opened an impressive metrological centre in Suzhou, near Shanghai. This sparkling new facility, which includes offices, a training room and a showroom, is an ideal setting in which to showcase Sylvac products.

Our en-tire range of hand-held instruments and SCAN optical measuring machines will be stocked there on a permanent basis.

Sylvac is proud to present its lightened and more user-friendly new website, containing all the up-to-date necessary information.

Responsive website

This sleek and redesigned website will assist you in your queries about our catalogue and our activities in an intuitive and convivial way, be it on a computer, tablet or smartphone.

We wish you a happy browsing experience in discovering our new products!

Sylvac SA

Our UL4 and ULH4 models are long calipers that enable the user to measure a variety of external and internal dimensions up to 3000 mm. Their design is based on a specially profiled aluminium beam reinforced by two steel rods. Numerous configurations and a range of available accessories

A good way to keep our customers informed

Attending our premises in person enables our customers to verify several points of importance to them:
- Is the organization of our company efficient?
- Are our premises well managed?
- Are our employees good at their jobs?

It is also a unique opportunity for our customers to attend customized demonstrations and network with other users of our products.

 SYLVAC takes measuring to new heights:

Sylvac Hi-Cal family


We are glad to inform you that our successful height gauge Hi_Cal is now available in 450 mm measuring range.