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Depth Gauge, Digital Scale and Micrometer Screw with Bluetooth® technology

We further extend our Bluetooth® range with 3 new measuring instruments:

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Integrated Bluetooth® technology with "IoT ready" profiles
  • IP54 Protection - perfectly suited for workshop use
  • Intuitive “Sylvac 3 buttons” interface with quick access to the menu and main functions
  • Favourite button with selectable function
  • Larger display & swivelling display 270° for a more comfortable reading

The dimensional and metrological characteristics are identical to the current models without Bluetooth® and the new products are available from stock.

This is SYLVAC #6

Polymechanical apprentices in training at Sylvac They are both 17 years old and share the same passions for precision mechanics and basketball. Pietro and Naeb are living at Sylvac's for their second year of apprenticeship and they will have to wait another year to be able to participate in industrial production.

Under the watchful eye of their trainer, the future polymechanics will discover the subtleties of the 102 lathe, conventional milling machines, drill columns, saws and become familiar with the machining of steel, aluminium, brass and even plastic....

Pietro came to the industry after an internship. "At first I thought I would work in a bank, but in the end I'm happy to be here because the apprenticeship is much more varied than I imagined. On the other hand, you have to hold on to school, because in addition to machining techniques, you learn about the resistance of materials, maths, physics and chemistry. And it's not easy."

His training is provided by a network of 6 training companies* in the region (including Sylvac) in order to tackle the different aspects of his profession.

Naeb is trained exclusively at Sylvac. He is delighted to have found the perfect job, as he didn't see himself spending his days in front of a computer. "As a child I used to spend time in garages," he recalls. "I liked the mechanics. I discovered watchmaking, which inspired me, to finally turn to precision mechanics. »

On a daily basis, the two young polymechanics use Sylvac's digital measuring instruments to monitor their work and particularly appreciate them. "They are really the best instruments, they are easy to work with. It's easy to work with them. It's hard to understand why not everyone doesn't have one! "they add.

(* www.filierepolymecanicien.ch)

The ingenious invention that will leave its mark

About 30 years ago, a genius inventor came up with the idea of developing a silicone product that could be inserted into almost any shape to mold an internal or external impression. The dimensional or visual control is then carried out not on the part itself, but on the impression obtained, which has a precision of the order of a micron. This is how Plastiform's products were born in France, which allow the inspection of elements that are difficult or even impossible to access without having to dismantle or even destroy them.  Plastiform products are now available from Sylvac, who is the exclusive distributor in many countries. They are the perfect complement to our optical measuring machines SCAN and VISIO, which can be used to check either complete Plastiform impressions or flat sections. Contact us for more information.

This is SYLVAC #5

In training at Sylvac and already brand ambassadors

Tania 18 years old, Luca 18 years old and Daphne 15 years old have chosen to start their professional life at Sylvac.

They learn the job of commercial employee, he learns that of mediamatician. They welcome visitors, guide them on the phone or on site, and are also in contact with suppliers and customers for various questions. He does video editing, participates in the creation of visuals for the website or user manuals.

Tania is the most experienced since she has been with Sylvac for 4 years and is in her last year of apprenticeship: "I am still 1 day a week at school and the rest of the time at the company. What I like here is that we have access to all departments and that we are supported and very well supervised. I'm in contact with a lot of people, I love it when things are moving all the time.

Concerning Daphne, she has just arrived in the purchasing sector and is gradually gaining confidence. "It's intimidating to come to a big company, but I'm lucky: everyone is nice to me. If my trainer is busy there is often someone to help me or answer my questions and it reassures me that Tania is still here for the moment. »

Luca always liked the technique and was already doing video editing when he was younger. His training lasts 4 years and this is his second year at Sylvac. He got to know the company and its instruments by working on documentation. "At school or for my friends I had to explain what digital measuring instruments were. They had no idea that I could work in an industry that was so full of production and innovation. »

For Tania, Luca and Daphne, it's a big change to go from school to the industrial world. "Everything is new and different; we are no longer only with people our own age. But the spirit of solidarity that reigns here has really facilitated our integration."

New lever indicator with Bluetooth® technology

Discover our brand new lever indicator with integrated Bluetooth® technology, unique on the market.

Your advantages :

• Integrated Bluetooth® technology = unique on the market
• New internal mechanics, without gears, eliminating hysteresis error (more information below)
• IP54 protection - perfectly suited for workshop use
• 3 models with 2 measuring contact point length 12.5 or 36.5mm and one model with interchangeable contact point
• Favourite button with selectable function
• Display can be rotated through 270° without resetting required
• 3 possibilities of fixation by dove tail
• Intuitive interface with 3 buttons
• Sending data by favorite button, BT foot pedal or by request via computer
• Analog display

New internal mechanics to eliminate the hysteresis error
The new internal construction, without gears, ensures direct transmission (1) of the force from the contact point (2) to the moving scale (3) which moves over the sensor (4). The hysteresis error caused by the gears is therefore eliminated.


Find all technical specifications in our dedicated flyer.