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The PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) was established in 1989 and is the first tripartite, industry-led skills training and education center in Malaysia.

Penang Skills Development Centre

Since its inception, the PSDC has grown phenomenally to become the premier learning institution in the country, dedicated to meet the immediate human resource needs of the business community and to support and strengthen business requirements. It has attained both national and international recognition as a truly successful example of shared learning and a model institution for human resource development to be emulated within and beyond Malaysia. Over a period of 20 years, the Centre has trained over 150,000 participants through more than 7,000 courses. Some of the PSDC members include Advanced Micro Devices, Intel Technology, Penang Seagate Industries, Robert Bosch and many others multinational companies.

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Sylvac SCAN

The first SYLVAC SCAN machines have been delivered!

 Sylvac Scan 50

The day on which our first SYLVAC SCAN machines were delivered will be remembered as an important date in our company’s history.It is also an opportunity to give you some information about this new line of products for measuring all types of cylindrical components. Our SYLVAC SCAN machines operate using the drop shadow principle; the device makes an optical scan of the component and reproduces a highly magnified, high-resolution image, on which it measures dimensions such as lengths, diameters, angles, radii, chamfers, threads, etc. There is also a component rotation system so that any form errors such as runout, cylindricity, etc. can be measured.

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