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Magnetic holder for Scan S25T

Sylvac is pleased to introduce a revolutionary new holding system for small, magnetizable parts: The Scan S25T optical machine magnetic holder. Composed of a SOUTH magnet and a NORTH magnetic plate, this system has been designed for the measurement of small magnetic parts that are usually difficult to hold in position without compromising the part or the measurement.


  • Non-contact holding, without deformation of the part
  • Easy and quick positioning of the part with tweezers
  • Allows measurement of static and dynamic characteristics
  • Precise measurement and repeatability - even if the part is not exactly centered, thanks to software alignment correction


  • A magnetic field straightens and holds the part vertically
  • Clever system with different interchangeable tips, with or without positioning center (vee)
  • Holds small, magnetizable parts with a diameter between 0.4mm and 3mm and a length up to 50mm
  • Available as a set with different tips or as individual pieces


  • Turning machining
  • Watchmaking
  • Medical


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