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Introducing Sylcom 1.5.6

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The Sylvac team is pleased to announce the release of the 1.5.6 version of its Sylcom software.

Sylcom is a data processing software specially designed for the acquisition and monitoring of data in manufacturing workshops. In its 1.5.6 version, Sylcom offers the following new features :

  • Cloud storage (beta version) - Expert
  • OPC UA communication - Expert
  • Long range - Standard/Pro/Expert
  • Eco mode - Standard/Pro/Expert
  • PDF upload and cropping - Standard/Pro/Expert


Discover : Cloud function (beta*)

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What is it?
Centralized storage solution for data from multiple Sylcom stations.

How does it work?
The cloud is deployed at the customer's site via a Sylvac NAS (Network Attached Storage) server, ready for use. The customer will thus benefit from an internal cloud solution on a local network.

Customer benefits:
- Real-time or delayed monitoring on a single workstation (with expert license) of all the data recorded by the different Sylcom workstations
- Remote monitoring possible using VPN
- Data security

* If you want to be a beta tester for our Cloud solution and receive a NAS, please get in touch with us by email.


Discover : OPC UA function

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What is it?
Integration of Sylcom software into the production workflow via OPC UA.

How does it work?
Sylcom now speaks in OPC UA, a machine-to-machine communication protocol allowing industrial automation between production devices (machine, robot, PLC).

Customer benefits:
- Direct connection to PLCs
- Possibility of integrating quality control into production automation
- Communication standard allowing compatibility with a range of equipment


Download Sylcom 1.5.6


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