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"Experts in connected metrology", the slogan that rings true

A recent survey of a panel of Sylvac customers showed that the three main elements that differentiate us from our competitors are, in order: connectivity, innovation and service.

This survey reinforces our strategy, particularly with regard to the multiple connection possibilities offered by our instruments, whether contact or contactless. The emergence of Industry 4.0 and the "all connected" are undoubtedly not unrelated. Did you know, for example, that some of our comparators even offer 3 different ways to connect them? They can communicate via Bluetooth, via a Proximity type cable and via a Power type cable, which has the particularity of both transmitting data and powering the instrument, which then operates without batteries.

This last solution is often preferred when the instrument is difficult to access; not having to worry about replacing the battery is becoming an essential argument. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice for all your instrument connection projects.

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