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This is SYLVAC #8

Alessia 20 years old is an assembly operator at Sylvac. She has been assembling and checking the different versions of the calipers for 2 years. She discovered the world of dimensional measurement when she joined the company. "I had a training in another field at the beginning but I left it for the industrial environment after a factory internship which I liked" she recalls. "Here I particularly appreciate the autonomy: I know what I have to do, I can move forward alone on the assembly of an instrument from A to Z and I love to assemble large parts, it's very satisfying. This is exactly what I wanted to do!» Alessia knows that it manufactures products recognised for their quality and precision for specialists. "You have to pay attention to the different settings and details, it's a job that has a lot of value, which is why we all put a lot of effort into it. These products are rather rare and you don't see them everywhere, it's incredible to know that they are in demand all over the world". Alessia also likes her daily life because of the atmosphere in the production workshop. "It's like a second family, we can rely on each other and we share the work for large series. And when it comes to sports outings with the company, I'm always up for it! ».

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