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The funny idea that works

Pioneer of digital measurement with calipers, Sylvac took the strange gamble a few years ago of launching a modelwith a digital micron display on the market. How could this universal measuring instrument suddenly become a precision instrument? The idea that made all the difference was to add a Preset function to the electronics and to use this instrument for comparative measurement.

In other words, you first measure a setting part whose exact value is known, you preset it to that dimension, and then you measure the parts by comparison, which limits the measurement error. While it is obvious that the operator can considerably influence the result depending on the force applied, several R&R tests have shown that with a certain amount of dexterity, you can obtain impressive results.

However, this strange idea, which may leave you skeptical, has found its audience and this unique instrument on the market is now one of our bestsellers.

Product S_Cal EVO Micron

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