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This is SYLVAC #6

Polymechanical apprentices in training at Sylvac They are both 17 years old and share the same passions for precision mechanics and basketball. Pietro and Naeb are living at Sylvac's for their second year of apprenticeship and they will have to wait another year to be able to participate in industrial production.

Under the watchful eye of their trainer, the future polymechanics will discover the subtleties of the 102 lathe, conventional milling machines, drill columns, saws and become familiar with the machining of steel, aluminium, brass and even plastic....

Pietro came to the industry after an internship. "At first I thought I would work in a bank, but in the end I'm happy to be here because the apprenticeship is much more varied than I imagined. On the other hand, you have to hold on to school, because in addition to machining techniques, you learn about the resistance of materials, maths, physics and chemistry. And it's not easy."

His training is provided by a network of 6 training companies* in the region (including Sylvac) in order to tackle the different aspects of his profession.

Naeb is trained exclusively at Sylvac. He is delighted to have found the perfect job, as he didn't see himself spending his days in front of a computer. "As a child I used to spend time in garages," he recalls. "I liked the mechanics. I discovered watchmaking, which inspired me, to finally turn to precision mechanics. »

On a daily basis, the two young polymechanics use Sylvac's digital measuring instruments to monitor their work and particularly appreciate them. "They are really the best instruments, they are easy to work with. It's easy to work with them. It's hard to understand why not everyone doesn't have one! "they add.

(* www.filierepolymecanicien.ch)

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