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UL4/ULH4 the new generation of large flexible instruments

Our UL4 and ULH4 models are long calipers that enable the user to measure a variety of external and internal dimensions up to 3000 mm. Their design is based on a specially profiled aluminium beam reinforced by two steel rods. Numerous configurations and a range of available accessories

provide maximum versatility, while the featherweight construction (weighing in at barely 3 kg despite a length of 3 m) offers unequalled practicality. The display module with its XXL characters (20 mm high) guarantees easy readability. IP67 ingress protection makes these instruments ideal for measuring large objects, even under the most adverse ambient conditions. The crowning touch: our UL4 series instruments are equipped, as standard, with a built-in Bluetooth transmitter for wireless data transfer. Don’t wait to try out these handy devices!


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