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Digital indicator Basic : simple, effective and at attractive price!

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Discover or rediscover our digital indicator S_Dial WORK Basic with one programmable button with the function of your choice, leaving no room for a mistake by the operator.

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Swiss robust stainless steel product (clamping diameter 8-h6mm), coolant resistant and interchangeable contact point M2.5 with TC ball.

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Equipped with the absolute system S.I.S. with automatic wake-up, sleeping mode and with standard functions: choice of measuring unit (mm/inch), zero setting and direction of measurement. Possibility to configure a Preset through the computer.

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Available with resolution 0.01mm or 0.001mm and with measuring range up to 50mm, the digital indicator S_Dial WORK Basic allows you to export data through a Proximity or Power cable with USB or RS232 connector.

More information on our product page.

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