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The first SYLVAC SCAN machines have been delivered!

 Sylvac Scan 50

The day on which our first SYLVAC SCAN machines were delivered will be remembered as an important date in our company’s history.It is also an opportunity to give you some information about this new line of products for measuring all types of cylindrical components. Our SYLVAC SCAN machines operate using the drop shadow principle; the device makes an optical scan of the component and reproduces a highly magnified, high-resolution image, on which it measures dimensions such as lengths, diameters, angles, radii, chamfers, threads, etc. There is also a component rotation system so that any form errors such as runout, cylindricity, etc. can be measured.


This process is much more precise than manual measurement and also has the advantage of being an automatic, complete, quick and accurate inspection process. Moreover, our machines provide all the results in a single inspection report, which is difficult to imagine when several different instruments or items of equipment are usually required to check all the parameters. On request, an automatic feed robot can be linked to the machine to create an automatic inspection unit that does not require an operator. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like further information on this subject!

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