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Other OS and platforms

Contents: Overview and useful links to start developing Bluetooth® communication on other platforms than Windows.

Version: 1.0

Sylvac - Custom Bluetooth GATT profiles

Contents: Sylvac custom Bluetooth® GATT specification and use. Enables communication with Sylvac Bluetooth® technology. See "READ ME FIRST" file within download package.

Version: 20210707

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Windows - BLED112 dongle SDK

Contents: Bluegiga BLED112 Bluetooth® 4.0 dongle SDK. Enable fast data transmission test with Sylvac smart instruments (require BLED112: Sylvac 981.7100)

Version: 1.10.0-153

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Windows - Sylvac Communication DLL

Contents: Sylvac communication DLL (C++)
Enables communication with Sylvac instruments (wireless and cable) within customer’s software
See “readme” file within download package

Version 1.45

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