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Drivers and firmwares

Bluetooth Smart Dongle drivers

Bluegiga technologies BLE Driver package

This driver package contains same drivers and driver information files
as the official release for Bluegiga Bluetooth Low Energy products.
In addition this files also contain digitally signatures for the drivers.
This has two benefits

- It is easier to install on Windows-8 machines as no machine settings need tweaking
- It prevents 3rd party tampering of provided files, since content of the signed files
 must match the signature file.

Installing the drivers:
- unzip the driver package somewhere.

- click in BLE112D
- when computer ask for drivers choose to give driver location manually and when requested
 location of the drivers select the folder where you unzipped the files
Alternatively you can unzip the files and then right click on both INF files anc select
 "install" from from menu.
In both cases you will be presented with dialogue to accept drivers from "Bluegiga Technologies".


Bluetooth Smart Dongle firmware upgrade

Version 1.6.0-140

Instructions included