Vmux LITE (8 instruments)

Vmux LITE (8 instruments)

Virtual Multiplexer allows connecting and organizing all the Sylvac instruments either by USB cable or by Bluetooth®. This free version allows you to connect 8 instruments (including 1 footpedal). Some functions are limited, such as terminal, password protect, channel auto-selection and sequences (from v1.46).

For the Bluetooth® connection, the USB dongle (ref. 981.7100) is required and must be connected to the PC via a USB port.

The protocol ensures compatibility with all SPC software using the transmission and / or the query data via the COM ports.

Sending data in EXCEL is integrated.


Software Version : 1.47
OS : Win10, Win11
Manual: Help provider included in software
See: Vmux Releases note

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Last Updated Date: 10-08-2020