Vmux Standard

Vmux Standard

Virtual Multiplexer allows connecting and organizing all the Sylvac instruments either by USB cable or by Bluetooth®. The software allows you to connect up to 32 instruments (16 by cable and 16 by Bluetooth®) .

For the Bluetooth® connection, the USB dongle (ref. 981.7100) is required and must be connected to the PC via a USB port.

Up to 8 instruments Bluetooth® per dongle!

The protocol ensures compatibility with all SPC software using the transmission and / or the query data via the COM ports.

Sending data in EXCEL is integrated.

IMPORTANT! You need the Vmux Licence Dongle or the Vmux Paper Licence in  order to use this version. Please contact your local Sylvac agent to order it.


Software Version : 1.47
OS : Win10, Win11
Manual: Help provider included in software
see: Vmux Releases note

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Last Updated Date: 10-08-2020